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All the world's a stage, Are you a Player?

September 12, 2010


 Labor Day Beach trip..just love this picture!!!

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players"

William Shakespeare

The next line reads "They have their exits and their entrances", this is from Shakespeare's play As You Like It. Are you a player? Are you participating in your life, your play? Are you at entrance or exit time in your life? (sorry everyone taking a lit and drama class lol) Or are you just going through the motions? 

Have you ever really sat and thought about this, this week I did. Since school started I have used one excuse or another as to why i couldn't do what I needed to do, and said I was going to do on this new path i CHOOSE to begin.Some excuses were valid and some were just that, excuses. School just started, im busy...I just started my pump, im busy...I dont feel good..I'm on vacation....I can come up with more im sure. lol

Short of my doctor specifically asking me not to work out the first week i started my pump the rest are just excuses and reasons to keep my from living the life i need to live, and want to live. Yes we are all supper busy but it comes down to one thing, priorities. What is more important? How important is it that I make time for certain things?

This week, after being sick the entire past week including while on vacation I'd had enough with the excuses and set a hottt date with my friend Gym. I say hot date because..well it makes me laugh and just sounds more fun that saying im going to go work out. I also say "my friend Gym" because I am determined that good ol Gym will become my friend, He (yes he) is a bit difficult and taunting at times (what man cant be lol) but we are going to fast become friends, I just know it! 

This was all decided Thursday night before I went to bed, and I facebook'd it so I hadddd to do it right! So off to bed i go eventually while feeling a little funny and thinking humm maybe I should check my sugar....it was 37! Not good at all, but i treated it and finally got to bed about 3am. (80-120 is considered normal range, 37 is bad in anyone book) Three short hours later my alarm went off and I had to get up...this did not go so well but off i went after hitting the snooze button a zillion times, my daughter missing the bus and lots of internal whining. I started to break out my excuse book again...come on i had a good one lol. But no I didn't, it felt like the D Gods tempting me and saying "OK just how Serious are you about this?" to which I answered ..to hell with that i'll show you! I had originally planned to go to the gym  a bit earlier so i was rushed for time before class, but by God I WAS GOING! This only left me a little under an hour with Gym, don't think I didnt show him who was boss though! I managed to squeeze my 2 miles which usually takes me about 45 minuets into 30 minuets! Take that Gym. Then off to class i went, hoping I didnt smell, haha!
Post 2 mile glow

OK so eventually this all caught up with me and even though i actually had a mommy weekend off i was exhausted. I went to bed at 7pm on a Friday night! The good thing about this is I was up bright and early and ready to start my day(maybe i should go to bed at 7 more often lol) I woke up at 4am and finally gave up on trying to sleep and got up at 5. I had planned on another hot date with Gym first thing anyways and figured i'd just go ahead on a little early, besides there was a yoga class i wanted to go to at 9:30 anyways. I was so proud of myself, here it is 6am on a Saturday no less and im off to see Gym. I just had to take a picture to prove it. 

Workout time

So I meet up with Gym and wonder.."why are all the lights off, I know I looked at the time to see when it opened", yep you guessed it, it wasn't open until 10. Oh well, I needed to grab a yoga mat anyways before class. So i headed to Walmart, ran back home and grabbed my books and laptop to head to the Starbucks next to the yoga studio. Lets face it I know and im sure you do If i would have stayed home I may have had to break out that excuse book again. 
Finally 9:30 arrives and im off to my first yoga class in about 2 years at Mind Body Fitness. This was an awesome class that totally kicked my butt.( note to self, remember that yoga has never been as easy as it looks!). It was a small little studio open to walk in's but also filled with lots of regulars...and the price wasnt bad either($10 for a student walk-in). We did Vinyasa yoga...not exactly sure the difference in all of them other than the hot yoga but i sure am feeling it today. Afterward I defiantly felt I had a good workout and this once again would have been the perfect opportunity to break out that good ol excuse book. BUT I had said i was going to have a date with Gym..I even put it on facebook, what if someone ask how my date went..so I decided ok, I could do this, i'll just do a short workout again. 
I had really wanted to go for 3 miles that day, but man was i tired after that yoga class. I said oh well there is always tomorrow right ill do 3 miles or 30 minuets which ever comes first. The first 10 minuets were hell, im not going to lie to you it was all i could do not to get off that elliptical and leave. It turned out though that Gym had other plans for me on our date. I started thinking about where i had read from Jen at Prior Fat Girl how important positive self talk was(love love love her blog, its so motivating) and started telling myself I could do this only x amount of minuets left, i could do anything for that long right! Well the rest of my time came and went, I hit the 2 mile mark just before my 30 minuets and started my cool down. I also started thinking about how I really wanted to do 3 miles today, it didnt even take me 30 minuets to do 2 miles, what was another 15 minuets ..i can do anything for 15 minuets, besides I can always stop anytime I want to. Well about about 12 minuets later I hit mile 3 :) It felt so good and i was so proud of myself, tired but proud!

Post yoga and 3 miles
Post yoga and 3 miles :-D

The moral to this little fable is ...Live your life, be a player, participate in your own new beginning...and throw out that damned excuse book!

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging 


  1. You're looking good! :) I love taking post-workout gym shots ... there's nothing like that feeling, and I like pictures to remind myself of how good it feels for days when motivation is lacking!


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