Flashback Saturday {Changes have been made}

Flashback Saturday

May 2, 2011

funny scale
"The best changes often start as single, simple thoughts. Think big, and discover how to make your dreams real."
As usual this morning when I got up, after going to to the restroom, it was time to weigh in and see what was going on. I was a bit reluctant to do this considering my emotional weekend and the fact that I checked out of workouts for the weekend. I defiantly expected to either see no loss or a slight gain. Boy was I surprised! Whaaaat …let me get on this thing again. This thing starts with a 1 …ok one more time to make sure. No way…ok lets move it over here and make sure the scale is not just acting funny. (so need a new one mine will read different sometimes depending on if kid or animals have been on it)…Hell yea…ok while its only .4lbs into Onederland that number defiantly started with a 1 and not a 2! Now that’s what I’m talking about! This puts me at just over 5 lbs. lost over the past month. while I would like it to be just a little more than that I am ecstatic to see movement of the downward trend and I defiantly think there has been some muscle gain!
What was different about this past month, and especially this past weekend. Even with all the emotions I had going on I allowed myself to feel them, cry if I needed to and work through them. I didn’t use food to hide behind. Reading Geneen Roth’s book, “When Food is Love” (I know, I know, I have already mentioned this a few times) seriously changed me. While sometime It does take more thought and effort I am truly able to do mindful/intuitive eating. If I really really want something, I have it. The lack of guilt for having it does amazing things. I don’t feel the need to consume all I can, I have some and move on. Craving gone.
Ok, now to own up to what didn’t happen this weekend. On Thursday I tweeted that I was wrapping up my April #gothedist, finishing my last 4 miles. Well diabetes had other plans. I had taken my daughter with me to the park to scooter along but forgotten to turn her temporary basal on so she had a low. This meant I only got 2 miles in. Determined to get my 4 we headed just down the street to the gym to get the last 2 in. Things were going great I was kicking butt and taking names on the elliptical. I was already nice and warmed up having just done 2 miles outside so I was going a little harder than I normally do. Cut to my scheduled blood sugar check…78. This put a halt to things. I treated and considered waiting till it came back up high enough to get that last 3/4 of a mile in but decided that was a bad idea. Between my low and my daughters low I was out of fast acting carbs should I need to treat another low for either of us. This meant it was not safe even If I waited a little bit, for either of us. I figured I would just get that last little bit in Friday or Saturday. It didn’t happen, with finals my emotions go the best of me. I do a lot of walking at school so at first I just added in that .7 that I was missing to my #gothedist, I have since taken it back out. I have to own that deficit.
While no one would have been the wiser, I knew and that was not being honest with myself. I put in a total of   66 miles cumulatively in April so I will live with not having that last .7 miles. Half of those were only walk/run/elliptical the rest were a combination of bike and a little swimming. I can live with those numbers.
What has changed for you since you started your journey to a healthy lifestyle?
Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


  1. How awesome is that?!! Onederland - you go girl!! I am so excited for you!!

    I am sitting here rolling your question around in my exhausted mind. I am trying to think about what hasn't changed in my life since I embarked on my journey to lose weight on June 16, 2010... so much of my life got flipped, turned upside down, shaken all around, I am so surprised I recognize anything of myself still! I do know now that this is more than just getting off the pounds. This is about getting off the pounds, yes, AND, this is about learning how to take care of my body, this is about facing the demons of the past and getting to work through the emotions so they don't consume me and I don't consume 4000 calories per day hiding from my emotions. This is about giving myself an honest chance to live a decent life in which I can even so much as walk up the stairs and still be able to breathe evenly... or do something as rewarding as run a 5K and still breathe!

    This is now about me seeing me as being an important person because for so long I didn't and I learned not to because so many key people did not show me or teach me that I was important. So, that is all the stuff that changed in a bit of a nutshell!

    Love your blog!! Write on, sista, write on!!

  2. Thanks Ladies!

    Runa, Carbygirl this is actually a flashback post from May of this year...I am currently still in onederland and fighting to get out of the 190's down into the 180's :)


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