{Flashback Saturdays} A Run and a Cup O' Tea

 Flashback Saturday

A Run and a Cup O' Tea
 October 9, 2010

"In absence of clearly defined goals, 
we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia."
Author Unknown
my run
 I have been working on this post in my head for a few days, Life has just been full to the brim the past few days. This has been a pretty great week except for yesterday and Today(which is now also yesterday lol) with the allergies or cold or whatever it is creeping back.  This frustrates me to no end! I just dont get it..I quit smoking 5 months ago, im working out now, eating healthier taking vitamins and I even got not just a flu but also a pneumonia shot this year for the first time...is the pollen really just that bad here in North Carolina?!?

Ok..on to the good stuff! I set some new goals for this week in my last post ...and I have to say I have done quite well so far this week. I have tracked my food all week and have not gone over my calorie goal for the day, I have most certainly drank my water and i have walked at least 20 minuets each day. The one thing i havent done is have a hot date with Gym, but I have a really good excuse. Excuse you say, but didn't you throw out that damn excuse book? Why yes I did, however I think this one deserves an exception..wait for it...here it comes...are you ready...I started 5k training and have been doing this from home. See I told you it was a good one!

While im doing a 5k on the 23ed of this month it is actually a walk not a run. I still want to be able to do a 5k..half marathon...full marathon. The program I am doing is from Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone by Juilia Jones who is there guest podcaster expert runner. (im not linking directly to Julia's page because, well its in Italian). Its an 8week program that is easily designed so you can go at your own pace but should be up to doing a 5k by the end.
so excited to get started!
Ok i seriously look like something is wrong with me here
haha taking pictures while running is not easy
THIS is how good it made me feel all day!
(THIS could be addicting for sure!)
I was so proud of myself doing this(can you tell) and I felt amazing all day after! I had so much more energy than I normally do, which again makes me ask"why do I fight this so much it always makes me feel so much better???" Thats the problem of getting into and out of a routine, once I get started I'm generally OK but it's the getting started I just fight tooth and nail. Being one of the worlds best procrastinators doesn't help matters either!  Where I was sick and did prettymuch nothing that week I spent the whole next week bitching to myself and procrastinating about getting started again, but this made me feel so good after I was excited to do it again the next day. The problem with this is once again I started feeling poorly that afternoon, but not to bad, I still was just not feeling it to much the next morning. Remembering how good it made me feel the day before I was quite upset I wasn't feeling good, but I was determined I was getting out there! Off I went, I tried I really did but just didnt have but about half of it in me(better than none right). I was a little disappointed but glad I still got out there and did something.

As the day went on I kept feeling worse and worse so I decided to take Thursday as a rest day and apparently yesterday as well and am living on hot tea again. Feeling quite horrible still yesterday afternoon/evening I had this idea occur to me out of nowhere...of all these weeks of feeling like crud off and on the one week I felt better I had used the carefresh bedding for the piggies cage. A few weeks ago when i went to get more bedding for our guinea pigs I decided to try the pine since it was so much less expensive than the carefresh we had been using, and thinking back I have been sick pretty much ever since! One would think having allergy testing done with all those needles about 10 years ago it would occur to me that I was told then I was allergic to pine and maybe, just maybe pine bedding inside the house would be a very, very bad idea. Not me though I saw sale and thought hey lets give that a whirl.  LESSON LEARNED! Almost immediately after taking it out I started feeling better!
Peppermint, Pumpernickel, Princess and Marshmellow 
Being diabetic and doing things out of the norm in your life always brings up challenges. Yes I can still do anything, be anything, eat anything ..it just takes some work sometimes. (lap swimming was really fun to figure out, not) Usually when I have my dates with Gym I need some carbs working and a little less insulin and also sip on gatoraid while im doing cardio to make sure my BG's stay stable. Apparently though my body knows the difference between running on a piece of gym equipment and running outside so this is going to require some tweaking so im not fighting post run hi's all day. Another problem with running outside and being diabetic is what do do with all my gear. On top of the cell phone and mp3 player I also have to have on me a meter and some sort of fast acting carb in case i need to treat a low. I'm thinking a Spibelt would work good for this so if anyone knows anyone feel free to tell them to send me one lol(preferably the double haha).

Ok I do believe I have rambled on enough and I have to get a certain little someone ready for a costume birthday party here shortly and run some errands so I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday. Lets see if tomorrow there is any effect on Mr. Scales opponion of all my activities this week.

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


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