Favorite Things for a Healthy Happy 2012


For a healthy, happy 2012 I thought I would share some of my favorite things …..






leslie sanson

Leslie Sansone Advance Walk






Power Crunch Bars


oh yeah

Oh Yeah Shakes



PB2-peanut butter protein powder



Exercise strength bands 



Hand weights



These are my go-to’s every day right now! On my new plan with Dr. G I have also made the decision to switch from dates with Gym to at home workouts. I have to say as much as I used to fight them I have grown to love them now! It’s so much harder to make excuses not to workout with all the tools at home. I do miss the elliptical though. I don’t miss my old gym however because the new ownership and hours were terrible. Another great thing these days is my group of friends who are all on the same plan as I am. It is so much fun having friends who know what your goals are, workout with you and help keep you accountable. Accountability throughout the day has been key for me. 


Tomorrow I will be going into week 4 of my new plan. So far I am down 7.4 pounds. It may be a little more than that (tomorrow is my official weigh in day). I am so excited about my new plan, it is so do-able. I have easily added it to my daily routine and am breaking those BAD habits. I can’t wait to go to the clinic next week and see what my monthly loss is and how much muscle mass I have gained.


Another big focus for me right now is finding a JOB! I have made the decision to take a break until the fall with school. Even then I am still going to work full time only doing one or two classes online. I have had a lot of activity in my job search but still no job yet. I did have an awesome interview last Thursday for a job that I would love to get. My interview went fantastic and I am praying I get a call back for this job this week!


My goals for this week:


    • Apply for jobs(hopefully get callback from interview last week)
    • Track every day
    • Workout at least 4 days
    • Clean out “junk” room
    • Start packing


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



  1. For tracking, MFP is incredible, and it's free!

    I use bands too, I use the BodyLastics one,s heard of them?

  2. I love me some MFP ...and the only band I have right now came with my Leslie Sansone DVD but I love it :)

  3. Good luck! Looks like a great plan.

  4. I love working out at home. No excuses and no rude people to deal with!

    Finding a do-able plan where everything "clicks" is awesome. You own this now. :-)

    Fingers crossed on that job!

  5. I fought doing it for so long but now I am loving it!!!


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