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Excuses or Solutions, YOU decide

By Natalie Jill On January 9, 2012 ·


Excuses or Solutions, YOU decide.

Make things happen, be a big fish in a small pond and create your own destiny.

There is no prince charming and you will not likely win the lottery:

No one will “sweep you off your feet.”It is highly unlikely that you will “win the lottery” or “inherit a windfall”. No one else will make your goals happen for you and no one else will “discover you” or “save you”. No one can magically make your weight change. No one else will do the work for you and no one else will ever care as much as you do.

Take accountability and create solutions:

Solutions: Workout, eat better, learn what will work for you. If you want to feel loved and wanted, then love yourself first. If you want more money then find a way to EARN it. If you want to achieve your goals then take the first step already and do something that involves moving towards your goals! If you are waiting for your strengths to be “discovered” then you will be waiting forever.

Change: If you need to get out of a bad situation stop waiting for someone to rescue you and make the first step towards saving yourself. Workout, eat better, learn what will work for you. Work hard, work smart, toot your own horn. Become a large fish in a small pond and SELL your own strengths to others.

It is all you: If you want something to change, YOU need to do something about it. If you want to get something done, YOU need to do it. If you want something better to happen for YOUR life, then YOU need to make that happen.

Accountability: It is no one else’s fault. It is no one else’s job to fix you. No one will ever care as much about your goals as you should. Stop blaming. Stop making excuses. Create solutions. Start taking accountability.  Get to work.  YOUR life depends on it…

-Natalie Jill


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