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When I was first contacted to do a review for zipfizz I have to say I was a bit skeptical. To be honest the box set quite a while before I finally decided to give it a try. My first thoughts were Oooh Cool water bottle! I’m always about a cool water bottle, this one even has the measurements on the side so you know how much your drinking. Another thing I noticed was the nutritional information, as a diabetic and health conscious person I almost always check the nutrition label. This stuff had some really good yummyness inside! Still a bit apprehensive and worried about the flavor (I’m funky about flavors for water) I decided the safest bet to try first would be the pink lemonade. It was actually pretty good, not to strong for me like most are. I was pretty surprised and I loved the fact that only 2 carb’s for an entire bottle I wouldn’t have to  worry about what it was going to do to my blood sugar.

Over the next couple weeks I have enjoyed the other flavors too and I love the bottle. It’s also great to shake up some protein powder. While I try to drink mostly plane water this is a nice alternative for when you need a little something extra in comparison to other sports/energy drinks.


Now for the fun part….

In addition to letting me review zipfizz they are going to give two of my luck readers a chance to try zipfizz as well! Two lucky readers will both receive the same sample pack I received along with the super awesome water bottle!

I’m keeping it simple this time…..All you have to do is leave a comment telling me your favorite thing you learned about zipfizz!

Winners will be drawn Sunday at 5pm EST.

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


  1. 41,667% is a big number. That's my favorite thing I learned about them. I love zipfizz--they are delicious!

  2. I've seen Zipfizz at Costco, but have never tried it - I've got a nasty 5-hour Energy habit. I would prefer something like this, I think. I like the idea that these are also low-cal and low sugar!

  3. I liked learning what sweeteners Zipfizz contains.

  4. Thanks for the chance to win. Liked learing about the comparisons to other 'engery' drinks.

  5. I like that they are low in sugar but still give you that pick me up when you need it!!! I liked leaning of the different flavores!! I didn't know they had a lemonade one!!!!!

  6. First, you rock for letting T and I enter. Second, who doesn't like energy in a tube! And it's extra awesome that it's a less sweet alternative.

  7. I liked learning about all the comparisons!

    I also liked learning that you're pretty bad ass for letting this "Canadian" enter!

  8. I like learning how much healthier and cheaper it is than a gatorade type drink.

  9. I do agree with you. A diabetic has to take care of his diet, nutrition etc. I appreciate the above comparison done.


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