Here, there and everything inbetween...

Wow...Reall? Has it been this long? It's hard to believe that this little blog that I so loved has been untouched in months, MONTHS! Do I want to abandon it or delete it, no, but life has taken priority lately.

So much has changed in my life in the past few months. The short version...I have moved, gotten a great job and fallen in love. The weight loss side of my life has fallen to the wayside. While I haven't given up on that side of my journey it has deffinatly not been a priority lately. While I have not gained any weight back this still needs to change if I'm ever going to get to goal. While I have not been working out I have still been (somewhat) maintaining my eating.

What have I been doing then you ask, ok maybe you didnt ask but I'll tell ya. Well the biggest factor is my new job. I have been in school the past couple years so this has taken some getting used to. While as any job can be stressful I truely love my new job. I am working for a durable medical supply company and I feel like I get to actually help people. This is right up my alley, although it's not what I was going to school for it is in the medical field. Along with the new job came a new home. My job is about an hour from where I was living as is my new home. It felt so great to get out of that horrible depressing house I was living in.

With the new job and new home life is good. Depression has burried itself in a deep dark hole hopefuly never to be found again. I have found self confidence again, and self love. This has lead me to another love as well. Yep, you guessed it I finally ventured back into the dating world! God sent me the most wonderful man to share all the new wonderful things in my life. (His name is Josh)

I will now try and restrain myself from not gushing all my lovey dovey feelings all over this He really is amazing though, I have never been treated so well. I could not ask for better!

Now that everything is setteling down though it's time to get back to business! It's time to get my healthy lifestyle shoe's back on. While I have not gained any, I also have not lost. Am I ok with this? Well yes and no. Part of me is content where I am but another part of me misses seeing the progress. What I dont miss is all the effort it took to get that progress, but that is the nature of the beast. If you want change you have to work at it. It's time to get back to "work".

For a while I was having great success doing at home workouts but I have gotten in the bad habbit of just not doing any at all. I'm considering re-joining a gym. While the at home workouts were doign the job I always missed the gym. I missed the elliptical, I missed the bike. (Shocking I know) I still havent made an official decision but I'm deffinatly leaning twards gym time again. I need some hot dates with Gym I think to kick things off again, at least till I get back in the habbit.

Another thing I need to get back on track is my eating habbits. While my eating has not been terible along with a new relationship comes lots of yummy date nights. Can I make good food choices on these dates, well sure. Have I been, no. It's time to set some goals again and get busy!

Right now here's the plan...

  • Get back on "plan" with my eating
  • Get off my arse and get my sweat on at least a few times a week!!!!
  • Write/blog more, it helps keep me accountable
  • Continue to enjoy this crazy little thing called Love

So all my blogger are you, what have you been up to lately?

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


  1. Glad you are doing so well! It sounds like if you can work some gym time into your new routine you will be back on track!

  2. Glad everything is going well! To maintain through so many changes is a definite NSV :) Looking forward to your updates again!

  3. Welcome back! It sounds like a lot has changed in the last few months for you. Congratulations to all the new and exciting things happening for you!

  4. Glad to hear things are going well and going to continue to go even better! Congratulations!

  5. Very, very happy for you & it was great reading your post. Sounds like you have a lot of happy excitement in your life & that will definitely help with getting the exercising back on track ... and now I feel the need to write a post on my long-neglected blog ...

  6. All good things! I cant wait to read more of the latest :)


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