Where to begin....

Warning I'm typing this on my phone... Lol

I'm so ready to get back on track but after taking pretty much almost two years off it's hard. I have realized that when I quit blogging I lost not only my accountability but also some motivation. The excuses have piled so high I can't count them. 

Going back into the work force 2 years ago was a huge struggle with my healthiness routines I had in place. Other people make it work while working though so yet again I was falling into the excuses trap. 2014 is my year to get back on track and make it happen! While I haven't gained all my weight back, I have put back on about 20lbs. Since I currently don't have a scale I'm going by my last weigh-in at the doctor a couple weeks ago. I sit somewhere around 192lbs and am wearing 14's mostly. Not my best but considering the lack of activity and most certainly a lack of good eating habits I wont complain. It's time to get back to taking care of ME though!

Other than taking care of my health (as far as food and activity) everything else for the most part in life is good. I have a job I LOVE in advertising sales, a new apartment back where I want to live and I am still blessed with awesome friends and family. Did I mention my job is awesome? I did...oh ok, yea I did, just checking. The good thing about my job is while I'm not technically exercising I'm getting in lots of activity. I have been wearing my fitbit almost all the time and most days I hit 10,000 steps. Most of my steps come  from walking back and forth to the copier on the other side of the office and walking outside on breaks( holding head down in shame...to smoke...still working on quitting I swear). It's a huge office and I work with some great people who are also trying to get healthier. I love working in such a positive environment.

Imagine if I actually constantly ate healthy and actually worked out!!!!

Honestly it's just a matter of getting out of the lazy zone and quit making excuses. No I'm not saying that negatively or to beat myself up, it's just reality. I KNOW I feel better when I eat healthy and work out, mentally and physically. :-)

Now for other "D" news....Stay tuned for another post.

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


  1. You can do it, Misty! You've got a lot of support and love here. Take time getting back to what you know and the rest will fall into place. Our healthiness is a journey, not a destination.


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