Starting over....So the journey begins (again)


It's time to begin again...time to create a new beginning

I really am not sure where to begin with my words. The last couple years have in a sense been a whirlwind. In some areas of my life I have become quite successful, in others stagnant. Let's start with the success...

After re-entering the workforce in 2012 I have fought my way to the top.. Currently I am in a job I love. I am quite successful. I am even Ranked number 1 in my division. I never thought I could love a job so much and do so well. Advertising sales can be quite rewarding. I love going to work everyday to help small to medium businesses grow their business. I could not ask for a better company to work for. Professionally I feel as if I'm set on fire from my success. 

My personal life is going well also. I have a beautiful family, boyfriend, child. Great personal and professional friendships. I have put my daughter in private school (something I have always wanted for her) . However something is still missing...

My dreams are still the same. I still want to become a Certified Diabetes Educator. I still want the best for my child. I still want to help people better their lives. What has changed? Everything? Nothing?

Currently everything from the outside looking in seems great. Don't get me wrong life is good ....but could there be more?

Lately I have been thinking about my future a lot, my dreams, hopes, aspirations. I love where I am but yet I find myself wanting more. While I feel that I am doing the best both emotionally, personally and professionally its not enough. By "the best" I mean to date, thus far in my life. I'm not so sure that the limits, expectations and goals I once had for myself still hold true. Again, I want more. 

I don't see this as a bad thing, quite the opposite. I see more in my future and for the first time in my life I feel that it is actually obtainable. I'm so overwhelmed with excitement for my future. I have worked hard, will keep working hard and I will get where I want to go. I just may have altered the path I plan to take. 

I'm not exactly sure where this blog lies in my future but I want to take you along for the ride...

Now for the stagnant....

While I have always talked about many areas of my life here with Life Off the D List it has primarily been focused on health and wellness in relation to weight loss. Weight loss for me has never been about being a size 2, it has been about health.While I haven't lost the progress I made I haven't made more progress either. My healthyness journey has become stagnant. I want to ignite the fire I used to have towards bettering my health. Today is not day 1 back into this journey, I began again a few weeks ago but I feel that I need to get back into the accountability that was blogging for me. 

Some current stats ....

I'm already down in the past two weeks three pounds. I'm back to my protein shakes and sensible meals. Now I just need to get back to my hot dates with Gym. 

As for Life Off the D List and you my readers I can't say exactly where this is going but I can tell you we are in for a journey. 

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


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