Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kid tested and approved




Last night was a sneak attack on the kid. I have been craving a vegie burger for some reason(even though I have never had one, lol) and wanted to try them for dinner. I knew that if I told her what we were really having she would turn her nose up, so mum was the word.


I decided on Boca Fire grilled vegi burgers. Problem one was the cooking instructions. I was not microwaving them for sure but I also did not want to pan fry them! I decided to toss them in the oven even though there were no oven directions. Ok time to pretend I know what im doing …humm, ok 400 sounds like a good temp, but for how long. I first decided on 30 minuets and figured I’d see how they were doing after that. I also decided to toss in a portabella mushroom I had left that needed to be cooked(you know in case the vegie burgers were nasty).




It was a good thing I made all 4! About half way through eating I told Taylor they were vegie burgers. She said “I’m glad you didn’t tell me cause I would not have eaten them”…muahahaha exactly why I didn’t!




Taste comparison:


The Vegie burger was much better than the portabella and had I not seen it or known it really tasted very much like a regular burger and cold have easily fooled me. My only complaint was that they were supper thin. Tay loved them so much she went back for seconds!




The verdict:


Yumm! Give these a try for a much healthier alternative Smile 




Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



  1. I know some people who are vegetarian for religious reasons so at tailgates we always have to buy a box of Boca burgers! It really matters how you cook it up because it can taste like cardboard !

    Glad your children liked it!

  2. Love love love veggie burgers! I mentioned it on Twitter, but give the Boca Bruschetta burgers a try. You may also enjoy Morningstar Farms' sausage. I'm a huge fan.

  3. Yum! my favorite is the morning star farms black bean burgers. I defrost them a bit in the microwave them pop them in the toaster to finish them off.

  4. Kids are the biggest food critics. Glad you approved. Boca burgers are yummy!


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